Dwarkadhish Temple – Some Astonishing Facts

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Dwarka, the Kingdom of Lord Krishna is a wonder in itself; it is the land of myths and legends. The holy city has a charm that touches one’s heart and a history that is extremely fascinating. A journey to Dwarka makes one take every breath filled with devotion for Lord Krishna. Here Lord Krishna is known as Dwarkadhish meaning ‘the King of Dwarka’. Dwarkadhish Temple is situated on the banks of River Gomati which further joins the Arabian Sea.

The temple is also called Trilok Sunder Temple or Jagat Mandir in Gujarat. Dwarkadhish Temple has two gateways called “Swarga Dwara” (Gate to heavens) and “Moksha Dwar” (gate to liberation). Devotees have to climb 56 steps to enter through the Swarg Dwara and exit through the Moksha Dwar. Included as one of the sacred places, Dwarkadhish Temple is one of the temples in ‘Charm Dham Yatra’. According to the Hindu religion, those who visit these four places are absolved of all their sins.

Legend of DwarkadhishTemple-


Legend says that Lord Krishna left Mathura and created a new kingdom of his own named Dwarka. So it is often believed that the present Dwarkadhish Temple is built on the palace where Lord Krishna lived i.e. on the land of “Hari Griha” or the home of Lord Krishna. It is said that Lord Krishna’s grandson Vajranabha built this structure about 5000 years ago.

Architecture of Dwarkadhish Temple

Dwarkadhish Temple has a five-storied architecture with newer modifications made in the 19th century. The basic design reflects the Solanki and Chalukhyan style of architecture which is usually prevalent in Gujarat. The towering Shikhara over the Garbha Griha is built in a Nagara Style replicating a mountain peak.

Dhwaja Arohan/ Flag Changing Ceremony

If you’re at Dwarkadhish temple, one thing that you should never miss is the huge swaying flag right on top of Shikhara. You can astonishingly find a different flag placed there every time you look at the top of the temple. This is because the flag is changed 5 times a day, three times in the morning and two times in the evening. There is a full-fledged ceremony followed each time the flag is changed. An elaborative puja is followed and the family who sponsors the flag changes it and then also feeds the Brahmins of Dwarka.

They bring the flag back to the temple carrying it on their head with pomp and show accompanied by dancing and singing. Then the flag offered to the deity. Thereafter, one member of the  Brahmin community goes up to change the flag. Once you have sponsored the flag you need to wait for 2 years to do it once again. Except for the color black, one can use any other color to design the flag. The flag is supposed to have an emblem of the sun and the moon. There are dedicated tailors near the temple who are well aware of all the rules and dimensions of stitching the flag. One can go to them if they want to sponsor a flag.

Festivals celebrated at Dwarkadhish Temple

Janmastami at Dwarkadhish Temple

There are a number of pious festivals that are celebrated with great energy and zeal at Dwarkadhish Temple. One of the most important festivals that are celebrated here is the birthday of Lord Krishna known as Janmashtami. Another festival celebrated here is Holi that comes in the month of March every year. Rukmini Vivah or in other words the wedding of Lord Krishna and Rukmini on Ekadashi of Chaitra month is another interesting festival celebrated on the premises. Akshay Tritiya, Basant Panchami, Deepawali, Sharad Purnima Ram Navami, Dhanteras and New Year are some of the other events celebrated here.

Guggali Brahmins are responsible to perform all the ceremonies and rituals as of Dwarkadhish Temple. The temple remains packed with devotees throughout the day. However, you will never feel that it is overcrowded. Devotees or visitors are not allowed to take photographs inside the temple. Any sort of electronic devices are also not allowed inside the temple. One can carry Tulsi and Marigold garlands to offer to the deity that you simply can to show to the deity and then you are supposed to get it back with you. One should never miss a chance to visit this temple if he/she gets to visit Dwarka city.

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