Ravivar Vrat: Fasting Method, Significance, Fasting Story and Mantras

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Ravivar or Sunday is a day dedicated to the worship of the ruler of the universe, the Sun God. Life on earth is completely impossible without the divine rays of the Sun. Hindu devotees observe the Ravivar Vrat to honour and respect Lord Surya and receive his blessings in abundance to get all their desires fulfilled. The Sun God is often referred to by a number of names. One of them is Ravi. Thus, the day dedicated to him is called Ravivar or Sunday. Suryadev is a symbol of many good qualities such as courage, self-reliance, leadership, power, fame, authority, immunity, etc.

Let’s get to know the significance, fasting method and fasting story of Ravivar Vrat.

Significance of Fasting on Sunday

  • According to Vedic literature, keeping a Ravivar Vrat can help people in remaining happy, and healthy and enjoy great vitality throughout their life.
  • Devotees having a weak Sun in their horoscope can observe the Sunday fast so that they can get rid of issues related to heart, digestion, blood circulation, concentration, etc.
  • It also helps people to address problems related to childbirth, career downfall, financial instability etc.
  • Keeping this fast also helps the devotees to get relief from issues related to eyes and many other ailments. It also imbibes a sense of positivity and enhances one’s confidence level to complete work successfully. 
  • Sun is considered to be the most important and most powerful star in Hinduism. Ravivar Vrat is extremely fruitful for people who have a malefic placing of the Sun in the birth chart. It helps to eliminate a lot of afflictions from the horoscope. 

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Fasting Method for Ravivar Vrat

  • Sunday Fast is generally observed from dawn till dusk. Therefore, the devotees should wake up early in the morning, and take a holy bath before sunrise.
  • Then they should wear fresh clothes, preferably yellow, watch the sunrise and worship the Sun God. Then offer water to Surya Dev. You can also add kumkum, red flower and water rice to the water to be offered.
  • Clean the puja place and keep the idol of Lord Surya and decorate the place with red flowers and lights. Adorn the Lord with Red Vastra.
  • Gather the puja samagri including sandalwood paste, incense sticks, oil lamps, kumkum, and wheat grain to make the offering. Place a Kalash filled with water near the puja place. 
  • Start the puja by doing Panchamrit Abhishek of Lord Surya. Then offer flowers and bhog to the Lord. Light an oil lamp and do the Aarti.
  • After that, chant some mantras related to Sun God and read or listen to the Ravivar Vrat Katha with full devotion.
  • After the puja concludes, distribute the prasad among the devotees. The observers of the Vrat can consume one meal before the sunset. Consuming salt, meat, onion and garlic are strictly prohibited.
  • Devotees who want to keep a fast for 24 hours should conclude their fast after seeing the sun and offering water to the deity in the next morning. 
  • You can also donate food and clothes to the poor and needy on this day since it’s considered very auspicious.

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Ravivar Vrat Katha

Once upon a time, there was a very kind old woman who always used to worship Surya Dev and observe the Ravivar Vrat. She used to wake up early before the sunrise, clean her house and plaster it with cow dung. She took her food only after offering food to Lord Surya (Sun God). The lady always had the divine grace of the Sun God and didn’t have any problems in her life. She used to bring cow dung from her neighbourhood since she had no cow.

Her neighbour was really jealous of the lady’s serene and happy life. So, she took the cow inside her house so that the old lady would no longer be able to collect cow dung. Since the lady couldn’t plaster her house that day, she didn’t prepare food, nor did she offer food to the deity. Therefore, she didn’t eat anything and remained on a fast for the entire day. She even slept without eating.

That day passed. When the old lady woke up the next morning, she was surprised to get a sight of a beautiful cow and her calf standing in her courtyard. She immediately bought food and water and fed them. Her neighbour was shocked and felt more jealous when she saw the healthy cow tied in the courtyard of the old lady. She also found out that the cow dung of that cow was of gold.

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Fasting Story Cont’d

Therefore, she took that dung and replaced it with ordinary dung. She continued this thing of interchanging the dung for several days. Lord Suryadev saw everything and caused a huge storm one day. The old lady took her cow inside her house and was pleasantly surprised to see the cow producing dung of gold. She quickly understood the trick played by her neighbour. 

Then the neighbour crossed all limits of selfishness when she visited the king of that place and told him about this divine cow in her neighbourhood. Then the King immediately sent his soldiers to get hold of the cow and bring it to his place. The poor old lady begged in front of the soldiers and cried a lot but all in vain. The lady missed her meals and kept a fast. She kept praying to the Lord to return the cow. Then she fell ill. Then, finally, Suryadev appeared in the dream of the king and asked him to return the cow back to the lady immediately. He also threatened the king that if he doesn’t do so, he will face a mountain of plagues.

The King got terribly afraid and immediately ordered his soldiers to return the cow and the calf to the lady. The next morning the old lady was happy to find his cow back. The King offered a lot of money and food items to the lady and asked her to forgive him. He also punished her neighbour for her wickedness. Then the king requested all the men and women of his kingdom to observe the Ravivar Vrat every Sunday. Even he started observing the fast. Since then, all the other citizens started keeping this fast and eventually they all led a happy and prosperous life.

Mantras to Chant During Ravivar Vrat

Mantra to chant while offering water to Lord Surya

|| Nama Suryaya Santaya Sarvaroga Nivarine,

Ayu Rarogya Maisvairyam Dehi Devah Jagatpate ||

Meaning: O Sun God, the ruler of the universe, you are the remover of all kinds of diseases, the reservoir of peace, I bow to you. May you bless your devotees with good health, wealth and longevity. 

Surya Beej Mantra

|| Om Hraam Hreem Hraum Sah Suryaya Namah ||

This beej mantra is very powerful. It can enhance the healing power of a human being and cure a lot of diseases. This Mantra has the ability to bring happiness in abundance in the lives of the devotees.

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