Shani Puja- Mantra, Benefits, Puja Vidhi etc.

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Lord Shani also popularly known as Shani Maharaj is a highly regarded deity in Hindu mythology. He occupies the seventh place among the nine planets (Navagraha) which govern the world. Shani dev (or planet Saturn) is said to be the son of Surya Dev (the Sun).  The name Shani originates from the word “Sanaischara” meaning slow mover while the word “Chara” indicates movement. Shani is referred to as a Paap Graha i.e. a malefic planet that creates havoc on one’s fortunes. Shani Puja is one of the oldest and most important rituals in Hinduism.

It is said Shani’s wrath is the result of our Karma – past or present. As per the Hindu calendar, Shanivar (Saturday) is the day that is dedicated to Shani Bhagwan. We often hear people saying that your Shani is “bhaari”. This actually means that the person is going through a tough phase in life but he/she must not be disheartened. According to Spiritual experts, the Shani Dasha or the Shani effect can be toned down by performing a Shani Puja and chanting the Shani Chalisa Mantra.

Shani Mantra-

Shani Mantras are believed to be very powerful and if they’re recited properly, they can improve one’s life in many ways. Reciting the Shani Stuti can provide profound relaxation by soothing one’s psyche. The minimum number of times one should chant the mantra is 9 and the maximum is 108 times. Chanting the mantra regularly brings inner peace and helps in making life complications easier.

Benefits of conducting Shani Puja-

  • The puja helps in minimizing the adverse effects of our bad Karma and past deeds.
  • It helps in boosting one’s moral and uplifting one’s mood, this making them feel energetic and confident.
  • Shani Puja is believed to bring health and prosperity in one’s life by resolving all financial and health problems.
  • It reduces the ill effects of Shani Dosh in one’s horoscope.
  • The puja can act as a powerful remedy for those suffering from black magic or evil eyes.
  • It is also very beneficial for people suffering from anxiety, depression and low confidence
  • The Puja is believed to be very important for those undergoing an unfavorable transit (Shani Sade Sati).
  • People suffering from frequent misfortunes should definitely perform the Shani Puja.

Shani Puja Vidhi

Gekenrally, Shani Puja is conducted on Saturdays. The devotees should take a pil bath in the morning by applying sesame oil. They should wear black clothes and use sesame oil the whole day for lighting lamps. One should start the Puja by offering flowers to Shani dev and also lighting the lamp. After that, the food prepared as bhog is offered to the lord. Then, the Gayatri Mantra is chanted for 21 times. Camphor Aarti is done at the end. The devotee should fast the entire day and should break the fast in the evening after the Puja with rice mixed with urad dal or sesame seeds.

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