Things To Know About Simha Sankranti

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Simha Sankranti is the day on which a solar transition takes place from one zodiac sign to the other. It falls during the Dakshinayan phase of Shravan month. The day is dedicated to Lord Surya, Lord Vishnu and Lord Narsimha (an avatar of Lord Vishnu). During Simha Sankranti, the sun takes transit from the karka Rashi (Cancer) and enters the Simha Rashi (Leo). The day is more important in Southern India than Northern India. It is also called Simha Sankraman in the southern states. People who desire to perform pujas like Pitru Dosh Nivaran Puja are encouraged to conduct the puja on this day. In 2021, Simha Sankranti falls on 17 August, Tuesday.

Benefits of Simha Sankranti Puja

  • It is greatly believed that performing the Simha Sankranti Puja brings peace and prosperity to one’s life.
  • Performing the Puja helps to eliminate various grahas and doshas from one’s Kundli.
  • It is said to bring stability in one’s career or education.
  • The transition period brings positivity to the environment and helps in the well-being of people.

Muhurat of Puja:

  • Simha Sankranti Day and Date: Saturday, 17 August 2021 
  • Simha Sankranti Moment: 01:18 PM, 17 August 2021
  • Simha Sankranti Maha Punya Kaal: 11:10 AM to 01:18 PM

(Duration of Muhurat: 02 Hours 08 Minutes)

  • Simha Sankranti Punya Kaal: 06:29 AM to 01:18 PM

(Duration of Muhurat: 06 Hours 49 Mins)

Simha Sankranti Puja Vidhi

  • First, a holy water bath is offered to Lord Vishnu and Lord Narsimha on the puja days. Nariyal (coconut) Abhishek is also performed as a part of the holy bath and is considered auspicious. Only fresh coconut should be used for this purpose.
  • Then a small Surya Puja is performed separately.
  • The Puja begins by worshipping Lord Ganesha to please him. It’s commonly called Appada Puja.
  • Then a Hoovina Puja is offered to Lord Vishnumurthy and it continues for a month till the sun transits to Kanya Rashi. 
  • Different types of fruits, flowers and sweets are offered to the deity in the course of the puja. Various mantras are also chanted every day to seek the blessings of the Lord.

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