What is Bharani Nakshatra? Characteristics/Personality Traits of People Born in This Nakshatra

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Bharani Nakshatra is the second constellation among the 27 Nakshatras. The Lord of this Nakshatra is Venus and it is also influenced by the Aries Zodiac. Mars is the lord of Aries, so a person born in this nakshatra is affected by Mars too, along with Venus. The presiding deity of Bharani Nakshatra is Yama.

Know the special qualities of people born in Bharani Nakshatra.

Personality of People Born in Bharani Nakshatra 

People born in Bharani Nakshatra are art and nature lovers. They are also very energetic and enthusiastic. They are attractive in appearance and are very charming in nature. These people have an inherent grace which makes them unique and lovable. They are very simple and prefer to keep their life less complicated. These people become rude or harsh under pressurised circumstances. They’re generally medium height in physical appearance. They have beautiful eyes and a broad forehead. Such people also have a good sense of humour and have the ability to make people laugh instantly. They always try to remain in a jolly and happy mood.

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Luxurious Side of Such People 

Bharani Nakshatra is a constellation associated with the planet Venus, so people belonging to this Nakshatra are very much inclined towards luxurious things in life. They are very fond of fashionable outfits. They always try to keep up with the current trend. However, due to this habit, they spend a lot of money and buy expensive things very often. They run out of money very soon due to this trait. These people also get bored after using one thing for a certain period of time. So, they constantly require a change, be it their clothes, shoes, bags or other accessories. They always have arguments with their partner, parents or friends due to this reason.

Education of People Born in Bharani Nakshatra 

Generally, the educational life of the people associated with Bharani Nakshatra is very good and smooth. They are more inclined toward art, music, drama, fashion, advertising, modelling, etc. They can also make successful careers in the judiciary, army or police forces if they work hard. Such people always dream to earn big in life. They are very ambitious and can go to any extent to fulfil their dreams.

Negative Qualities

People born in Bharani Nakshatra have some negative qualities such as they’re very impatient, they get stressed easily. They often face health issues due to their carelessness. Sometimes they become extremely selfish and cruel. These people are often aggressive in nature. They also possess certain lustful thoughts due to the malefic impact of Mars (Mangal) and Venus.

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Family Life of People Born in Bharani Nakshatra

People born in Bharani Nakshatra are generally attached to their families. It’s difficult for them to imagine their life without their family. They are also loyal and loving to their spouse. They desire to fulfil all the wishes of their parents. Most of the people born in this Nakshatra get married at the age of 27. However, if Mars is badly placed in their horoscope, then they might go through a rough phase with their partner and tension with the family members. Such people might also get aggressive in this phase.

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