Are you an expert in communication?, then your zodiac sign is Gemini, know more about the specialties of people of Gemini Zodiac

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The third sign of the zodiac chakra is Gemini. Gemini people specialize in communication and initiating conversations. They have a childlike innocence which is the most attractive thing about them. The listeners often get captivated when they speak. Sometimes they fail to understand what others are saying due to their innocence. However, the people of Gemini often have changing views about a particular thing. Their opinions change frequently. These people are generally friendly but sometimes annoying too. They are witty in nature due to which they make friends very easily. The symbol of Gemini are couples or twins.

Gemini as the zodiac sign of Air Element-

Gemini is the zodiac sign of the Air element. People of Gemini are independent and free just like the air, no one can bind them. They do not tolerate any external interference in their thoughts. However, due to the presence of Air Element, the nature of the Gemini people is unstable. They are very impatient and get bored in no time. They always feel the need to do something new.

Personality of people of Gemini zodiac

People belonging to Gemini are very friendly and talkative in nature. They can talk to anyone anytime. They make friends easily with unknown people. Their friendship with a mere co-tourist in a bus or train also lasts for a long time. People of Gemini are always ready for adventure. They have constantly changing views. Gemini people are also funny. They are very good at analysis. They keep a plan B ready for everything they do. Their best quality is that they like to learn and explore new things. They don’t get depressed or disheartened too easily. Even if Gemini people are sad about something, they get over it very soon.

Weakness of Gemini people

The biggest weakness of Gemini people is not being firm and stable on one thing. Their thoughts often keep changing, so they too can not stick to one thing for a long time. At the same time, they are very logical, so they sometimes become stubborn and start arguing on certain things. These people are very bad at keeping secrets from others. It is said that if you want to spread any rumor about anyone, then you can easily get it done by the people of Gemini zodiac. These people are a little careless. They do their work honestly, but there is no guarantee that they will complete the target on time.

Ruling Planet of gemini

The Ruling Planet of Gemini is Mercury. Mercury is also called the Lord of speech and wisdom in astrology. Both these qualities are found abundantly in the people of the Gemini zodiac. Because of Mercury, these people are great in initiating conversations.

Career of Gemini people

Gemini people can make very good careers in the field of communication. They often specialize in media work such as Radio Jockeys and Video jockeys. They can also make bright careers in banking, taxation and analysis.

Gemini Compatibility

  • Friend Zodiac – Aquarius, Virgo, Libra
  • Enemy Zodiac – Cancer, Pisces
  • Lucky day for Gemini – Wednesday, Friday
  • The lucky color for Gemini – Green, Blue, bright colours 
  • Lucky Gemstone for Gemini – Emerald

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