People Born in Hasta Nakshatra: Personality, Nature, Education, Career, Family & Married Life

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Hasta nakshatra comes in 13th place among the 27 constellations present in the universe. The Lord of this nakshatra is the Moon and the zodiac sign of the people born in this nakshatra is Virgo, whose Lord is the planet, Mercury. Thus, the people born in this nakshatra are affected by the Moon and the planet Mercury throughout their lives. All the constellations have their own trees, similarly, the tree for this Nakshatra is the Reetha tree. Let’s know about how people born in Hasta Nakshatra are through this DevDarshan blog-

Personality and Nature of People Born in Hasta Nakshatra

People born in Hasta Nakshatra are very simple in nature. They are peace-loving, honest and soft-spoken. They are very friendly in nature and get along very quickly with everyone. These people are so soft that even after being deceived, they remain silent and resist it. Because of this, they suffer many times and people take illegitimate advantage of their goodness. They are sharp in mind and are really good at making new and creative plans.

Because of their simple nature, honesty and goodness, everyone likes them and their image in society remains very good. Since they’re peace-loving, they stay away from disputes and controversies. They do not like to sit idle at all. They keep on doing something or the other, due to which they become efficient in their work. These people lack leadership ability and prefer to work under other people which is a very bad quality if they get into business.

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Education and Career 

People born in Hasta Nakshatra are sharp minded and have a keen interest in getting a good education. They love to explore new things in life and are always interested in learning new things every day. These people also want to go abroad to get higher education. They prefer to do business rather than job and can progress quickly. Otherwise these people can work as artisans, circus artists, work related to paper production, printing and publishing, work related to stock market, packaging, business of making toys, in the banking sector, cosmetics, astrology, clothing and fashion, agriculture, horticulture, radio, media, journalism, etc. and make successful careers in these fields.

Family and Married life 

People born in Hasta Nakshatra are very attached to their family due to their simple and sweet nature. It is very difficult for them to stay away from their family. Although due to job and business, they have to go away from the family many times, but they do not miss the opportunity to take time out from their busy schedule to meet the family members and spend quality time with them. These people enjoy their married life to the fullest. They have a very happy and blissful married life with a happy go lucky spouse. They may face minor disputes but they solve it very quickly. These people are also lucky to have loving, honest and obedient children.

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Negative Side of People Born in Hasta Nakshatra

The Moon and the planet Mercury are each other’s enemies. If both these planets have malefic effects in the horoscope of the people born in this nakshatra, then such people face a lot of problems in their daily life. They always face challenges in progress and their life is full of ups and downs. Feelings of stealing or robbery can arise in them, due to which their image in the society gets tarnished. Along with this, they may get addicted to alcohol and other intoxicants, due to which their life remains . Due to their simple nature, many times people take advantage of them.

Precautionary Measures to be Taken by People Born in Hasta Nakshatra

People born under Hasta Nakshatra should learn to be patient and should not trust random people too quickly. Helping someone more than required is also not beneficial for them. They should avoid malicious addiction and association and should get rid of the defects of Moon and Mercury from their horoscope. They should also plant more and more ‘reetha’ trees and worship the Moon and the Sun regularly.

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