Are You Born on Monday? Know Your Speciality, Love Life and Career

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According to astrology, the day on which we are born has a profound effect on our life. The date of our birth plays a big role in deciding the direction and condition of our life. According to astrology, if you were born on Monday, then you will be affected by Soma i.e. Moon. Monday is a day that is very dear to Lord Shiva. Special worship of Lord Shiva is done on this day. The moon has a greater effect on people born on Monday. These people are as cool and calm as the moon, but since the moon fluctuates frequently, the thoughts of those born on Monday also keep changing.

Personality of People Born on Mondays

People born on Monday have a special charm. They are good-natured and are often liked by others. However, other people are often troubled by the changing thoughts of people born on Monday. People born on Mondays are very emotional. Many times these people do not like to take any kind of new risk. Monday is the day of the Moon, so these people always attract others towards them. They always build a cordial relationship with everyone. They have very humble relationships with other people, especially with women. Sometimes people born on Monday get disappointed suddenly. Such people are very close to their mothers.

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Career of People Born on Monday

People born on Monday generally have a lot of questions in their minds. They often want a job where they can get their questions answered. They often prefer to stay away from controversies in life. These people often consider service as their primary duty, so people born on Mondays are good for nursing jobs, hotel industry, arts and professions related to education. By the way, business related to all white coloured things such as butter, cheese, milk, etc. remains extremely favourable for these people.

Love Life of People Born on Mondays

People born on Monday are extremely charming. Their eyes speak and express a lot about their heart. Such people are extremely emotional and love everyone around them. They feel broken and disappointed when their partner gets angry with them and it becomes difficult to handle them. People born on Mondays are often flirtatious in nature and their mind keeps changing constantly. They are very expressive and find it easy to convince their partner about how much they love them. However, the only way towards a successful love or married life for the people born on Monday is to give a rest to their fickleness.

Health of People Born on Monday

People born on Mondays are very emotionally vulnerable. The biggest thing is that they face the problem of having mood swings regularly. These people feel very enthusiastic and energetic at one point in time but get into serious thinking the next moment. Sometimes, they start crying all of a sudden. Thus, frequent mood changes affect their work life too. They often have the problem of cold and flu. People born on Monday get dehydrated very quickly in the summer.

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What is the Lucky Colour of People Born on Mondays?

People born on Mondays are affected by the Moon. In astrology, the Moon is considered to be the Lord of the white colour. Therefore, it can be said that the lucky colour of people born on Monday is white. Therefore, you should try to wear white clothes while going for any special work.

Some Remedies for People Born on Monday

  • You should resort to meditation to avoid your mood swings.
  • Whenever you come across negative thoughts, you should try to divert your mind and take yourself out of that thought immediately. 
  • Going to Lord Shiva’s temple every day and performing his Jalabhishek can make your luck stronger.
  • For better fortune, you should drink water from a clay pot during the Summer season. 
  • People born on Monday should also observe a fast for one meal on Monday.

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