Are you born on Tuesday? Know what are your good and bad your bad habits

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According to astrology, the day on which we are born has a direct effect on our career, love and personality. For example- people born on Tuesday are generally very energetic. They are influenced by the energy of the planet Mars. As per astrology, Mars is an aggressive planet and is known to be the commander of all planets. Therefore, people born on Tuesday are very energetic and aggressive in nature.

Know everything about the personality, love life, career of people born on Tuesday through this DevDarshan blog. 

Nature of people Born on Tuesday 

As we just got to know, people born on Tuesday are affected by the energy of Mars. They are strong willed and determined. They never stop trying to achieve their goal even if they fail once or twice. However, they sometimes get very disappointed and angry when they don’t achieve their goal. They are very ambitious which works against them at times. They become very frustrated if they fail to meet their self expectations. Sometimes they can go to any extent to achieve their goal.

How is the career of people born on Tuesday?

People born on teusday are very energetic in nature. So it’s an advantage for them to choose a profession in which they require a lot of energy to work. These people are perfectionists and do their work with utmost clarity. They love to take up new challenges. They are very enthusiastic and always motivate and encourage other people. These people can consider making their career in Administrative Services, Police, Army, NDRF, being a Sportsman, Fire fighter or working in a Manufacturing Industry. They should avoid being aggressive to do well in their future.

How is the love life of people Born on Tuesday?

These people do not get into any relationship easily. They often tend to make new friendships quickly but they’re stubborn when it comes to relationships. They do not trust people easily. Such people are generally very authoritative in their relationships due to which they don’t last long. If they want to make their relationship work in the long run, then they have to stop controlling their partner.

How is the health of people born on Tuesday?

People born on Tuesday generally have good health and do not suffer from any major illnesses. They are generally moody and can get angry even on small things. They’re prone to diseases related to blood. They should also be careful while driving. They shouldn’t do anything in a hurry as it may cause harm to them.

Lucky colors for people Born on tuesday

Like the color of Mars, red and maroon colors are good for people born on Tuesday. They should always try to wear these colors if they’re going for any auspicious work. 

Some astrological remedies for people born on Tuesday-

  • Do not do any work in a hurry.
  • Meditate for at least one hour in a week.
  • Do visit Hanuman temple every Tuesday and Saturday.
  • Donate fruits like pomegranate, cherry and strawberry among the poor and needy.

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