Are You Born in Revati Nakshatra? Find Your Traits, Strengths, Weaknesses, Health and Career Options

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Revati is the very last Nakshatra among all the 27 Nakshatras in the universe. The Lord of Revati Nakshatra is Mercury. Revati is also influenced by the zodiac sign Pisces. The Lord of Pisces is Jupiter. Therefore, both the planets Jupiter and Mercury have a deep impact on Revati Nakshatra. However, it is also interesting to note that Mercury and Jupiter are said to be age-old enemies, therefore the position of these planets in one’s horoscope is very important in determining personality traits of the person. Let’s get to know some features and characteristics of the people born in Revati Nakshatra through this DevDarshan blog-

Nature of People Born in Revati Nakshatra

People born in Revati Nakshatra are humble, honest and trustworthy. These people are nature lovers and love to spend time in the lap of nature. It gives them peace and solace. They like to spend time alone to introspect their own activities and correct any mistakes they’ve made. So the ‘me time’ is very important for these people. They don’t interfere in anyone’s life and expect the same from others. These people are liked by a lot of people since they maintain their personality very well in front of others. They don’t talk a lot but talk about relevant things due to which people respect them. These people always go out of their way to help others in times of need.

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Revati Nakshatra is often referred to as the symbol of name, fame, wealth and richness and some great scholars even attribute this Nakshatra to success. Therefore, people born in this Nakshatra are born to have highly successful careers. These people are very clean-hearted and honest. They often strive to bring a change in society. Therefore, these people can do really well as civil servants, advocates, judges, police officers, army officers, etc. They are also very patriotic in nature and love their motherland a lot. 

Family Life of People Born in Revati Nakshatra 

People born under this Nakshatra are very spiritual in nature. They also have a happy family where everyone lives together in peace and harmony. Such people respect their families and care a lot for them. The family is often religious and performs a lot of religious rituals and trips. These people are closely knitted to their families because of their traditional and cultural values. They often celebrate festivals together and create good memories. Thus they have a very happy and happening family which adds a lot of colours and positivity to the personality of the people of this Nakshatra. 

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Married Life of People Born in Revati Nakshatra

The married life of people born in Revati Nakshatra is normal and stable. These people have a good understanding of their partners. The relationship is balanced and both the partners feel happy and content with each other. These people are destined to get married to the love of their life. However, due to their transferable job, they may stay away from their partners for a major part of their life.


People born under the Revati Nakshatra are generally born healthy and fit. However, as they grow up, they are prone to problems that are mainly related to their mental health. They may suffer from anxiety and depression. They may also suffer from sleep disorders. Apart from these mental health problems, people born under this Nakshatra are also prone to some minor physical health problems such as arthritis and back pain. They may also suffer from respiratory issues. These people are also prone to digestive problems such as acidity. Thus, people born under this Nakshatra need to be very careful and cautious about their health.

Demerits of People Born in Revati Nakshatra

People born in Revati Nakshatra are generally very humble but they lose patience when they face a lot of obstacles. They also get upset and irritated quickly when they face a problem. They are very independent due to which they never take help from others but this trait backfires sometimes as they find it very difficult to seek help even in times of need. These people also face anger issues once in a while but it becomes difficult to handle them at that time. 

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