People Born in Swati Nakshatra – Personality Traits & Astrological Predictions about Career, Education, Family, Married Life

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Swati Nakshatra comes in 15th place out of all the 27 constellations present in the solar system. The Lord of this nakshatra is Rahu and the people born in the four phases of this nakshatra have Libra as their zodiac sign whose lord is Venus. Therefore, people born in this nakshatra are affected by Rahu and Venus throughout their life. This Nakshatra is symbolized by a young plant blowing in the wind, which represents the agility and flexibility of the people born in this Nakshatra.

Let’s know some details about the people born in Swati Nakshatra and their astrological predictions.

Positive Qualities of People Born in Swati Nakshatra

People born in Swati Nakshatra are very attractive. Due to the influence of the planet Venus, these people are tall, beautiful and strong in appearance. They are practical and always remain cheerful. They gel up well with everyone and are very friendly in nature. These people are also very kind and helpful. They are clever and intelligent and know how to get their work done without much hassle. They are soft-spoken, compassionate and virtuous but if someone messes with them, these people make sure to teach such people a lesson. These people are highly revered in society since they are very well behaved and treat others with a lot of respect and kindness.

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Education and Career 

People born in this nakshatra are very good in science-related subjects such as physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, biotechnology, etc. They’re also expected to pursue their careers in the same field. They can make really good doctors, engineers, professors, scientists, researchers, etc. Some people also go for careers related to fashion and cosmetics such as fashion designers and make-up artists. These people are very flexible, and adaptable and love to take on challenges in their workspace. They might face some ups and downs in their professional life but with their strong willpower and dedication, they often overcome the problems.

Marital and Family Life of People Born in Swati Nakshatra

The married life of people born in Swati Nakshatra is full of ups and downs. If the planetary positions of Rahu and Venus are not right then people of this Nakshatra face a lot of differences in opinion with their partners due to which they don’t have a very peaceful married life. They often get fed up with each other and stop talking for days or months. In short, they lead a very disturbed life in their marriage due to differential priorities. However, both of them have a very good rapport with their own and each other’s families which helps a lot to diffuse their fights. They love their parents and are often supported by them. They have a very happy and joyful family who go out for trips together and are very closely knitted.

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Negative Qualities 

People born in this Nakshatra are very stubborn in nature. They often get jealous of others’ progress and are sometimes very concerned about material things. Due to the malefic influence of the planet Venus, these people often fail to feel happy and satisfied and hence get addicted to drugs. These people are prone to get addicted to gambling and if the effect of Rahu is negative on this Nakshatra then they might lose a lot of money. They are also prone to get indulged in controversies and court cases so they need to be careful. They have a bad temper and also like to take revenge on those who’ve hurt them.

Precautions and Measures for People Born in Swati Nakshatra

People born in Swati Nakshatra should perform a ritual of putting a copper coin in coconut and putting it in a flowing river to earn profit in their business. These people should stay away from gambling, betting and illegal activities. For the resolution of Horoscope doshas related to Rahu and Venus, these people should worship Lord Shiva regularly.

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