Worship Mata Katyayani to Receive Divine Blessings on Sixth Day of Navratri

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Mata Katyayani is worshipped on the sixth day of the nine-day long Navratri festival. This is the time when the enthusiasm of Navratri is at its peak. The energy level of the devotees is also visible clearly during this time through their dedication to worshipping the goddess. Most of the devotees connect with Maa Katyayani on a spiritual level and believe that nothing can be impossible to achieve if they have the blessings from Mata Katyayani. It is believed that it was Maa Katyayani who had killed Mahishasura. Know how to worship Mata Katyayani on the sixth day of Navratri and what are its benefits.

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When is Mata Katyayani Worshipped?

Mata Katyayani is usually worshipped on the sixth day of Chaitra Navratri 2023 which falls on Monday, March 27, 2023. 

Form of Mata Katyayani

The form of Mata Katyayani is very bright. Her body is golden in colour. Maa Katyayani has four hands. She holds her favourite weapon, a sword in one hand, a lotus in another, a Vara Mudra in the third hand and an Abhaya Mudra in the fourth hand. The devotees have to do hard penance to receive the grace of Maa Katyayani. She is known for the divine fragrance that emanates from her body. Know what is the secret story of Mata Katyayani’s birth.

Story of Mata Katyayani

Mata Katyayani is the daughter of Katya Rishi. It is believed that Rishi Katya was the ultimate devotee of Maa Durga. He did severe penance to get Maa Durga in the form of his daughter, therefore Maa Bhagwati Durga gave him a boon to be blessed with a daughter. It is believed that the tyranny of a demon named Mahishasura increased to a large extent. That’s when Mata Katya came to Rishi Katya’s house in the form of his daughter and killed Mahishasura. 

According to another legend, when all the deities were troubled by the tyranny of Mahishasura, then a divine woman appeared from all of their energies. All the gods had contributed their own unique power to create this divine woman. This divine woman became famous and came to be known as Mata Katyayani. Maa Katyayani killed Mahishasura and freed all the devotees from the suffering caused by Mahishasura.

Know how to worship Maa Katyayani and what are the benefits of this worship.

How to Worship Maa Katyayani

Here’s a brief method of worship of Maa Katyayani to help the devotees conduct the puja properly with all the rituals. 

  • Take a bath in the morning and wear fresh clothes. 
  • Install the idol or picture of Mata Katyayani in the place where the Ghatasthapana had been done and decorate the puja space.
  • Red-coloured clothes have great importance in the worship of Mata Katyayani. So, wear red-coloured clothes during the puja and offer red-coloured ‘chunni’ to the goddess as well.
  • After this, perform the Ganesh Puja and Kalash Puja, and invoke Mata Katyayani. Offer her red or yellow clothes, fruits, honey and kheer.
  • Recite the mantras of Maa Katyayani 108 times on this auspicious day to get the grace of the goddess.

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Mantras of Maa Katyayani

|| Ya Devi Sarvabhuteshu Katyayani Rupena Sansitha, Namasthasai, Namasthasai, Namasthasai Namo Namah ||

|| Om Katyayani Daivyai Namah ||

Worship Mata Katyayani to Eliminate Issues Related to Marriage 

Maa Katyayani is said to be the presiding deity of the Brij region. Katyayani Shaktipeeth is also located in Vrindavan. It is said that the gopis had fasted and prayed to Mata Katyayani to get a boon to have a lover or husband like Lord Krishna. Maa was pleased with the dedication and gave them the boon of getting their desired husband. Thus, if there is any marriage-related defect in the horoscope of any devotee then it gets removed by the grace of Mata Katyayani.

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Worship Katyayani for the peace of the planet Guru

In astrology, Mata Katyayani’s relatives are considered to be from an auspicious planet like Jupiter. Jupiter is considered the planet of abundance. Therefore, the grace of the planet Jupiter, which expands in every field, can be obtained by worshipping Mata Katyayani. On the sixth day of Navratri, by taking advantage of the special worship of Mata Katyayani, one should definitely get his/her wishes fulfilled.

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