Radha Ashtami 2023: Date, Muhurat, Significance, Fasting Story, Mantras and Puja Vidhi

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Radha Ashtami marks the birth anniversary of Shri Radha Rani and is celebrated all over India with great zeal and vigour. The celebration of Radha Ashtami 2023 in Brij Mandal is famous throughout the world. The festival honours the beautiful bond of love shared between Shri Krishna and Radha. Radha Rani was born on the 8th day (Ashtami) of the bright fortnight (Shukla Paksha Ashtami) in the month of Bhadrapada. Radha Ashtami is observed 15 days after Krishna Janmashtami which marks Shri Krishna’s birth anniversary.

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When is Radha Ashtami 2023? 

Radhashtami 2023 falls on 22 September, Friday.

  • Madhyahna Time: 11:36 AM to 02:02 PM
  • Duration: 02 Hours 26 Mins
  • Ashtami Tithi Begins: 04:05 a.m on September 22, 2023
  • Ashtami Tithi Ends: 02:47 a.m on September 23, 2023

Significance of Worshipping Radha Rani on Radha Ashtami 

According to the story of Devi Bhagwat Purana, Shri Krishna and Radha are not two but one. They are united by soul. According to this Purana, Lord Krishna doesn’t fulfil the wishes of the devotees who only worship Lord Krishna but do not worship Radha Rani. It is said that the devotees who worship Maa Radha, who resides in the heart of Lord Krishna are showered with the blessings of happiness, peace and prosperity by Lord Krishna. It is also said that those who observe the fast of Shri Krishna Janmashtami should keep the fast of Radhashtami too.

Fasting Benefits of Janmashtami

Radha Ashtami 2023 Puja Vidhi

  • On Radha Ashtami day, Devotees wake up and take a bath before sunrise. Then the puja place is cleaned and decorated. After this, the devotees vow to keep the auspicious Radha Ashtami fast for the entire day with full dedication. 
  • An important ritual of the Radha Ashtami Puja is Radha Krishna Abhishek. In this ritual, Pandit Ji performs the Abhishek by bathing the idols of Radha and Krishna in holy and sacred Panchamrit which is made up of milk, yoghurt, ghee, jaggery and honey. 
  • This ritual can also be performed by any devotee if Pandit Ji is not available. Then, the idols are adorned with beautifully knitted new clothes and fresh flower garlands. 
  • Devotees offer Shringar to the deities along with bhog and dhoop. Radha Gayatri Mantra, Shri Krishna Ashtak and Radha Ashtak are chanted 108 times.
  • Finally, Aarti and Kirtan are organized and Prasad is served to the Devotees. Some devotees like to spend the entire day worshipping Radha Krishna and chanting their mantras. 
  • Some devotees visit the Radha Krishna temple on this day since the temples are beautifully decorated with a variety of flowers and lights.  It is considered auspicious to feed Brahmins and give them Dakshina on this day.

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Radha Ashtami mantra

The chanting of Radha Gayatri Mantra has special significance on the day of Radha Ashtami.

Maa Radha Gayatri Mantra for Radha Ashtami:

|| Om Vrishabhanujyai Vidmahe Krishnapriyaai Dheemahi Tanno Radha Prachodayat ||

Radha Ashtami Fasting Story

Radha and Krishna were residents of Goloka. Once Lord Krishna was travelling with his friend Sridama. Radha Rani didn’t like this thing due to which she went to Krishna and started expressing her anger. Lord Krishna’s friend Sridama did not like Radha’s behaviour due to which he cursed Radha that she will take birth on earth. Radha also cursed Sridama that he will become a demon in anger. 

Radha Rani then took birth in Brij Mandal and was first found on earth lying on a golden lotus leaf in a pond of Barsana. She was discovered by a couple named Vrishbhanu and Keerti who did not have a child of their own. Therefore, the couple adopted her. The day she was discovered is celebrated as Radha Ashtami. It is also believed that little Radha opened her eyes for the first time only after Shri Krishna appeared in front of her. Hindu mythology describes Radha as the spiritual energy of Lord Krishna. Radha remained the beloved of Lord Krishna for a lifetime, but they were not destined to be together because of the curse.

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Worship Radha-Krishna on Radha Ashtami to Overcome Relationship Problems 

Radha Krishna and their story is believed to be the epitome of pure love. They both are incomplete without each other. Therefore, it is believed that couples facing problems in their relationship should worship Radha Krishna to receive their divine blessings and take inspiration from their story. On the day of Radha Ashtami 2023, the devotees should recite Vishnu Sahasranama, Radha Ashtak and Krishna Ashtak to get rid of marital issues or issues in their relationship. 


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