Budha Graha Shanti Puja: Benefits and Mantras to Please Planet Mercury

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Budha Graha Shanti Puja is a ritualistic ceremony which is generally performed to get rid of or nullify the negative impact of the planet Mercury or Buddha in one’s horoscope. This puja is very important to please Lord Budha and nullify his wrath. The Budha Shanti Puja is conducted on an auspicious day as per the Hindu calendar. The date and time of the puja are decided based on the position of the planet Budha. The puja is performed by a priest who is well-versed with the rituals and slokas. The devotees offer prayers and chant mantras to please the planet Budha. They also offer flowers, fruits, sweets and other offerings to the deity. It is believed that by conducting this puja, one can achieve success in business, get rid of mental stress and lead a happy life.

About Budha Graha

Mercury, often called Budha, is regarded as the messenger of gods in Vedic astrology. Mercury is said to provide the power to differentiate between good and evil. It represents communication and intelligence. It is known to be the indicator of good wealth, trade, education, books, scholars, humour, etc. Individuals born with a strong Mercury are blessed with sharp thinking skills but they may also have issues like indecisiveness and anxiety. Similarly, people born with malefic mercury may face difficulties like lack of understanding, memory issues, communication blunders, etc. Performing the Budha Graha Shanti puja is believed to provide a possible solution to all such problems.

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Budha Graha Shanti Jaap

Budha Graha Shanti Jaap is considered one of the most powerful mantras in Hinduism. The Jaap is performed by praying to Lord Budh with utmost devotion and reciting his mantras. According to Shastras, the Budh Graha Shanti Jaap is done to dispose of the problems happening because of the Budh Graha Dosha.

Benefits of Budha Graha Shanti Puja

Happiness, Peace and Harmony

Budha Shani Puja helps to bring peace and harmony within the family by resolving small family disputes that may happen due to the Budha Dosha. It increases mutual love, respect and affection towards each other among the family members which helps in maintaining happiness and harmony in life.

Success in Education and Work

Budha Graha Shanti Puja helps a person flourish very smoothly in academics. Devotees also get the opportunity to study abroad and excel in their desired subjects. The puja aids greatly in the workspace too in terms of helping provide work opportunities to the freshers, helping in job promotion, earning profit in business etc.

Protection from Mishaps

Budha Graha Puja is a great way to nullify the effects of Budha Dosha from one’s horoscope which has the potential to cause a lot of havoc in one’s life. This puja gives us protection from the fear of untimely death and various kinds of mishaps such as unprecedented car accidents, drowning, getting burnt in a fire, etc.

Warding Off Evil Eyes

Evil eyes and negative forces surrounding you have the power to destroy your peace, happiness and prosperity. Performing the Budha Shani Puja is believed to provide protection to the devotees from evil eyes, negative forces and enemies. It also provides the courage to the devotees to fight against their enemies in a righteous way.

Enhances Confidence and Self-esteem

Sometimes people feel very underconfident due to certain negative experiences in their life. They feel worthless and fail to do justice to their own self-esteem and dignity. At such times, this puja works wonders in bringing back one’s lost self-confidence and dignity.

Freedom from Health Issues

The effects of a variety of chronic health issues like health disorders, diabetes, thyroid, etc. can be reduced by performing the Budha Graha Shanti Puja. Mental health issues like depression and anxiety can also be addressed by the relaxing and rejuvenating effect that is produced by this puja.

Helps in Personality Development 

The Puja helps to improve the analytical ability and communication power of an individual. It boosts one’s power to express and aids the devotees in channelising their energy and skill in a rightful way. It makes a person much more grounded and helps in enhancing one’s decision-making power.

Reducing Stress and Tension

Chanting the Budha Graha Shanti mantra and conducting the puja helps in keeping one’s body and mind relaxed. This puja becomes extremely essential when a person is going through a period of deep stress. It helps to reduce one’s tension and worries by instilling energy that calms down a person.

Enhancing One’s Knowledge and Wisdom

The planet Budha or mercury is often associated with knowledge, wisdom and enlightenment. Therefore, conducting the Budha Graha Shanti Puja can help a devotee in enhancing their knowledge about life and boost a person’s consciousness to a great extent.

Know the Importance of Budhwar Vrat for Budha Graha Shanti Puja 

Mantras related to Budh Graha Shanti Puja

Planet Budha Mantra

|| Om Budhaya Namaha ||

प्लेनेट बुध मंत्र

|| ॐ बुढया नमः ||

Planet Budha Beej Mantra

|| Om bram breem broum sah Budhaya Namaha ||

ग्रह बुध बीज मंत्र

|| ॐ ब्रं ब्रीं ब्रौं सह बुधाय नमः ||

Mercury Vedic Mantra

|| Om Udbadhyaswagne Pratijaghi Twamishtapurte Sa Sajethamya Cha | Asmintsdhsthe Adhyutatsmivanishwe Deva Yajmanshacha Seedat ||

बुध वैदिक मंत्र

|| ॐ उदबाध्यासवगने प्रतिजाघि त्वमिष्टपुर्ते सा सजेथम्य चा | स्मिन्त्सधस्थ अध्यात्त्स्मिवानिश्वे देवा यजमांशाचा बीजत || 

Mercury Ancient Mantra

|| Priyangukalkasham Roopun Apratim Budham | Saumyam Saumya Gupta Va Budh Pranamamyham ||

बुध अन्सिएंट मंत्र

|| प्रियंगुकलकशम रूपुन अप्रतिम बुधम | सौम्यम सौम्या गुप्ता व बुद्ध प्रणाम्यहम ||

Mercury Gayatri Mantra

|| Om Chandrpatraya Vidmahe Rohini Priyaya Tanna Budh PrachoDayat ||

बुध गायत्री मंत्र

|| ॐ चंद्रपत्रय विद्माहे रोहिणी प्रिया तन्ना बुद्ध प्रचोदयात  ||

Mercury Tantrokta Mantra

|| Om Aim Shreem Budhaya Namah ||

|| Om/ Bran Breen Braun Saha Budhaya Namah ||

|| Om Streem Streem Budhyaya Naman ||

बुध तंत्रोक्त मंत्र

|| ॐ ऐं श्रीं बुधाय नमः ||

|| ॐ/ ब्रान ब्रीन ब्रौन साहा बुधाय नमः ||

|| ॐ स्ट्रीम स्ट्रीम बुधया नमन ||

Mercury Naam Mantra

|| Om Bum Budhaya Namah ||

बुध नाम मंत्र

|| ॐ बम बुधाय नमः ||

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