Mundan Puja- All you need to know!

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Mundan refers to the very first hair cut of a new born. is the eighth of the sixteen Hindu sacraments, in which a child receives his/her first haircut. Mundan puja is also known as Chudakarana ceremony.

Benefits of Mundan Puja-

The ceremony is conducted due to the belief that the newborn’s hair has certain undesired traits of his/her past life. Hence, his/her hair is considered impure and it may have the negative effects of the past life on the present and future life. So, head shaving is done to purify the soul and ensure the prosperous life of the baby. According to Vedas, Mundan is a purifying ritual. It also tends to lower the body temperature of the newborn, increase his/her blood circulation and thus making him/her calm. It is also believed that smooth conduction of the puja gives the child a long life.

Puja Ritual-

The Mundan ceremony should be conducted during an odd month or an odd year according to holy Hindu scriptures. The first, third and fifth year is regarded as auspicious for performing the puja. A priest is called over who conducts a ‘homa’ or ‘havan’. A barber is also called over to shave off the head of the child.

The priest recites the chants and sacred hymns. The baby is seated on the father’s lap. First, the priest shaves a part of the head and then the act is taken over by the barber who leaves a clump of hair at the back of the head in the end. A paste of turmeric and sandalwood is applied on the entire head to cool down the head and to cure the cuts if any. A part of his shaved hair is offered in the sacred rivers at holy cities such as Haridwar and Varanasi.

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