Purnima Puja – Significance, Benefits and Fasting Rules

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Purnima literally means Full Moon. Purnima refers to a tithi or the lunar day which normally falls once a month. This tithi divides the month into 2 fortnights; the Shukla Paksha and the Krishna Paksha. A full moon appears when the Sun and the Moon are separated by 180 degrees. On this day, the Moon remains like a well-illuminated full disc, causing high tides. It is only on Purnima days that lunar eclipses occur.

Significance of Purnima Puja

According to the Hindu calendar, every Purnima marks an auspicious day and is associated with a significant festival every month. On the full moon day, the bright moonshine in the sky symbolises the removal of darkness and hence symbolically represents illumination. Purnima is considered a symbol of positivity, fullness and prosperity. Science has revealed to us that on the day of Purnima, the gravitational forces of the earth are at their maximum. This has a highly positive effect on all humans in giving them a lot of stability in the various metabolic processes, enhanced energy, reduction in gastric problems like acidity and a great amount of balance between the body and mind.

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Fasting rules of Purnima Puja

On the day of Purnima, the devotee wakes up early in the morning and takes a holy dip in a sacred river before sunrise. As per one’s interest, Lord Shiva or Vishnu can be worshipped. There is no special puja procedure for Purnima. The devotee can do the puja as he pleases. Purnima is the ideal day to do Satyanarayan puja at home. Though it is an ideal choice to fast throughout the day without eating anything whatsoever, one meal is allowed if the devotee prefers. However, this meal should be free from salt, cereals or pulses. The fasting starts at sunrise and ends with the sighting of the moon. In the evening the devotee has a vision of the full moon rising and offers his prayers and worship to the moon god. Following this, Prasad is consumed.

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Benefits of Purnima Puja

  • The puja helps in discharging physical and emotional pains and releasing the pains and miseries.
  • It is believed that conducting the Puja helps in creating a positive environment and peace in the house.
  • It also removes the financial and health problems 
  • Observing the Vrat also brings a healing effect on the gut system of the human body by stabilizing the functioning of the digestive system and human mind.

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Puja Requirements/ Offerings

Flowers, Whole wheat, Earthen Lamp, Ghee/ Mustard oil, Raw milk, Kalash ( brass pot), coconut, dry fruits

Suhag Samagri- Haldi, Kumkum, Agarbati, a fresh piece of cloth, bangles.

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