Shukra Graha Shanti Puja: All You Need To Know!

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Shukra Graha Shanti Puja is a ritualistic ceremony which is generally conducted by learned priests to eliminate the negative effects of the planet Venus in your horoscope or birth chart. Venus is generally regarded as a positive planet. The planet Venus is considered to be the representation of happiness, peace and intimacy. Venus is known to be the planet of love, passion, relationships, sensuality, enjoyment, creativity, artistic talents, beauty, music, growth, wealth, prosperity and luxury.

About Planet Venus (Shukra Graha)

At the surface level, Venus behaves as a distraction when it gives material gains in life. This planet teaches individuals to try to develop the highest form of love. The planet Rahu symbolizes alcohol and smoke and contrarily, the planet Venus symbolizes intoxication. In deeper levels, Venus is also a planet that symbolizes devotion, something you hold in much higher regard than yourself. Venus is one planet that can help a person in his/her spiritual journey and progress and increase his/her consciousness. Depending on the position of Venus in your birth chart, it controls the energy of that particular house.

Know the Benefits of Shukravar Vrat

How to Find You’re Having a Malefic Shukra (Shukra Dosha)?

Here are a few signs that can help you know if you’re having a Shukra Dosha in your horoscope:

  • Arguments and fights with spouse
  • Delays and obstacles in marriage 
  • Persistent heart-related issues 
  • Extreme sexual urge 
  • Issues related to reproductive organs 
  • Complications in conceiving 
  • Getting cheated, hurt or insulted by a partner
  • Low confidence in life, seeking validation from other people always
  • Not being able to take care of your personal hygiene
  • Facing financial issues and getting deep into  debt
  • Indulging in self-harm
  • Frequent mood swings and burst outs
  • Unhealthy fears and insecurities 
  • Being dominant as a person and hurting others’ sentiments in that process
  • Complaining a lot, criticizing others, being very nagging with friends and relatives 
  • Being indecisive and making wrong choices in life 

Benefits of Shukra Graha Shanti Puja

Helps in Improving Relationships 

When a person is afflicted by the planet Venus, he/she finds it difficult in finding stability in relationships. Some people may even face problems in finding a partner for themselves. Shukra Graha Shanti Puja can help the devotees in strengthening their relationships or finding a trustworthy partner for themselves.

Wealth and Prosperity 

Some people may feel stuck at a time in their life when they see no career or financial growth. That may be an indication that Shukra is heavy in their horoscope. In such cases, conducting Shukra Shanti Puja helps to eliminate Shukra Dosha and bring in financial progress, wealth and prosperity in the lives of the devotees.

Personal Stability and Greater Focus

Sometimes a person might face a mental block where everything around seems to be falling apart. The individual lacks mental peace and a direction in life. In such a situation, this puja can aid greatly in bringing back the stability, focus, peace and confidence of the individual.

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Shukra Graha Shanti Puja for Health Benefits 

A person having a malefic Shukra or Shukra Dosha in his/her horoscope can suffer from some painful diseases such as leprosy, diabetes, bladder diseases, uterine diseases, etc. Conducting a Shukra Graha Shanti Puja can help the devotees in getting some relief from the acute pain and suffering caused by these diseases.

Resolves Disputes with Family and Enemies

All the domestic disputes within the family or with relatives can be easily resolved by performing this puja. It brings peace within the family which helps in resolving arguments or fights. The puja also helps greatly in improving one’s level of patience which in turn helps in resolving disputes with enemies due to a change in mindset and a better outlook on life.

Financial Growth and Progress

An individual always faces obstacles in work and losses a lot of money if he/she is having a malefic Shukra in his/her natal chart. Shukra Graha Shanti Puja is of great help in helping a person get a promotion in job or greater profit in business. So, this puja brings in better growth and progress financially and adds to the quality the life of the individual.

Did You Know? Venus is the Lord of the zodiac sign Taurus.

Shukra Shanti Mantras for Shukra Graha Shanti Puja

Shukra Gayatri mantra

|| Om Rajadabaaya vidmahe, Brigus Uthaya

Dhimahi, tanno Shukra prachodayat ||

|| राजदाबयान विद्माह, पुल गुलाब

धिम्ही, तन्नो शुक्रा प्रचोदयात। ||

Meaning: I bow down infront of Shukra Dev who is mounted on a white horse and is a descendant of Sage Bhrigu. Let his divine grace illuminate my being as a human and my spiritual consciousness. 

Shukra Beej Mantra 

|| Om Shum Shukraya Namah ||

||ॐ शुम शुक्रया नमः ||

Meaning: This is a very fruitful Mantra made up of the sound of seeds which represent the planet – Venus.

Powerful Shukra Beej Mantra for Peace

|| Om Draamg Dreeng Droung Sah Shukray Namah ||

||ॐ द्रंग डरींग दरौंग सह शुक्राय नमः ||

Meaning- I visualize Lord Shukra in the universal sounds of the seeds. Let Lord Venus enhance strength and intellectual power.

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