Importance of Sundarkhand Path and Benefits

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What is Sundarkhand Path?

The fifth book of the revered Hindu epic Ramayana is known as Sundara Kanda or the Sunderkand path. Originally written in Sanskrit by the esteemed sage Valmiki, this chapter was later translated into Awadhi by Goswami Tulsidas in his work, Ramcharitmanas.

Sundarkand, which means ‘The Book of Beauty’, primarily highlights the splendid devotion and feats of Lord Hanuman during the Ramayana battle between the Demon King Ravana and Lord Rama.

Reciting and hearing of Sunderkand infuse a Devotee with positivity and happiness. It is a path that can help an individual who is struggling with problems, challenges and unsure of what to do next. Sundarkhand Path highlights Lord Hanuman’s wit, intelligence, and cleverness in successfully gathering information about Sita’s whereabouts in Lanka. Sunderkand also provides insights into many significant historical events that took place in Lord Hanuman’s life.

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The Ramayana is divided into seven Kands, each with its own unique significance. These seven Kands are Bala Kand, Ayodhya Kand, Aranya Kand, Kishkindha Kand, Sundara Kand, Yuddha Kand, and Uttara Kand.

Importance of Sundarkand Path

Sundarkand beautifully illustrates how Lord Hanuman overcame all obstacles to successfully locate Sita and reduce the magnificent city of Lanka to ashes. This is why Lord Hanuman is also known as Sankatmochan, the one who dispels all troubles. Therefore, Sunderkand is recited for various reasons – to seek relief from the challenges of life, to conquer enemies and foes, or simply to pay tribute to the mighty Lord Hanuman.

It is believed that if a person worships Lord Rama, they will automatically receive Lord Hanuman’s blessings without even asking for them. Sundarkand serves as a reminder to honour, celebrate, and praise Lord Hanuman’s unwavering faith and dedication to Lord Rama and the extraordinary feats he accomplished to prove it.

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What are the Benefits of Reciting Sundarkand Path?

The Sundarkand Path offers numerous benefits, including the improvement of your financial situation and the establishment of a stable source of income. It also facilitates access to job opportunities, removes all forms of black magic and negative energy, and helps you to overcome legal issues and enemies.

Moreover, it is said that it acts as ‘Ram Baan’ or the most effective remedy by Lord Rama, providing relief from incurable diseases and ensuring good health. This path also eliminates the ill effects of Shani, Raha and Mangal Grah from your horoscope.

By following this path, you will experience increased confidence and fearlessness while discovering solutions to any problem that you may encounter. Additionally, it brings peace and happiness to your mind and soul and promotes prosperity within your home.

Reciting Sunderkand provides the devotee with strength and shields them from negative energy. It is believed that reciting Sunderkand can kickstart one’s stagnant life and boost self-confidence when it is low.

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Not only is Sunderkand an important text in classical beliefs, but scientists have also recognized its significance. Psychologists suggest that reciting Sunderkand enhances confidence and willpower in the Devotee.

Each line of this text holds a deep meaning that teaches the follower to never give up in life. According to psychologists, reciting Sunderkand before a major examination can increase one’s chances of success.

It is advisable for students to recite Sundarkand as it can instil confidence in them and bring them closer to success. The text not only holds religious significance but also contains valuable life lessons that can guide one towards success.

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