Sunderkand Path: Legend, Benefits, Procedure and Storyline

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Sunderkand Path refers to the fifth chapter of the Hindu epic, the Ramayana.  The original Sunderkand was composed by Valmiki in Sanskrit. The Sunderkand talks about the greatness of Lord Hanuman and his victory in everything he takes upon himself to complete. It is often recited by religious devotees of Hinduism, ideally on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Sunderkand Path is said to be the only chapter in Ramayana where the hero is not Lord Rama but Lord Hanuman. The masterpiece describes various adventures of Sankatmochan Hanuman. His strength, selflessness and extreme devotion to Lord Ram is emphasized in the text. 

In the Sunderkand Path, Jambavan tells Lord Hanuman how he had supernatural powers which he had forgotten. He also tells Lord Hanuman how he lost his memory and doesn’t even remember that he can fly very efficiently. Jambavan also reminds Lord Hanuman that he crossed the mighty ocean by carrying the Govardhan Parvat on his hand. Sunderkand is one of the most important chapters of Ramayana. Doing the Sunderkand Path is said to be the one stop solution to a number of problems in the lives of the devotees, starting from resolving planetary defects of Rahu, Ketu, Shani etc to reducing Pain and Suffering due to chronic diseases, to helping in financial stability and prosperity. 


According to legend, Hanuman was fondly called ‘Sundara’ meaning a charming one by his mother Anjani. Therefore, Sage Valmiki chose this name over others as the ‘Sundara Kaanda’  to depict  Hanuman’s journey to Lanka. The text also gives us adorable insights or images of Lord Hanuman’s superior intelligence and physical prowess.

Know the Benefits of Performing Hanuman Jayanti Puja

Speciality of conducting Sunderkand Path on Tuesdays

Legend says that Hanuman found Maa Sita on a Tuesday in Lanka. Therefore, Maa Sita gave him a boon that whoever worships Lord Hanuman on Tuesdays will get her blessings too with Lord Hanuman’s blessings. Since then, reciting Sunderkand on Tuesdays is considered highly auspicious and beneficial.

Benefits of Sunderkand Path 

Removes Stress and Tension 

Sunderkand Path helps in removing one’s worries, afflictions and mental agony. Recitation of the Sunderkand helps to calm a person down, eliminates triggers and allows the person to relax, rejuvenate and think practically. The Path is very helpful for people who get stressed regularly due to small problems in life. The Sunderkand katha also teaches us never to give up even in the most difficult and unfortunate situations.

Enhances Confidence and Courage 

The Puja helps the devotees to enhance their self-confidence. The Path is very essential for people who lack confidence in themselves to do something good. It also increases one’s strength and courage to take risks in life which are important for one’s growth. After reciting the Sunderkand people get a fresh perspective and gather the strength to go through the most difficult phases in life. It also instills hope in individuals that everything will be fine at the end.

Health Benefits

The Puja confers good health to the chanters and listeners. People who are long suffering from various diseases get relief after listening to the Sunderkand Path. Reciting or listening to the Path on Tuesdays and Saturdays helps the devotees in preventing health issues such as heart disorders, issues related to kidney or lungs or getting rid of acute diseases.

Wealth and Prosperity 

Regular recitation of Sunderkand is said to fill a person’s life with riches, wealth and prosperity. People who are indulged in business start earning good profit from their company. Individuals doing a job get promotion and increment in salary and devotees looking out for a job get plenty of opportunities to get settled. The Path is very important for keeping devotees away from debt and ensuring financial stability in their life.

Protection from Unprecedented Mishaps and Good Fortune

It protects a person from any kind of unprecedented mishappenings such as car accidents, disputes between family members, drowning, catching fire etc. The Path is also helpful in removing the fear of premature death. It brings in good fortune and luck for the devotees who chant it with full devotion.

Protection from Evil eyes and Enemies 

The Puja wards off evil eyes and removes all possible negativities from the lives of the devotees. It brings in positive energy in the surrounding which is very helpful in coping up with stressful situations. The Path also helps in gathering the strength and power to fight with the enemies and gain victory over them.

Attainment of Moksha

Reciting or Reading the Sunderkand Katha is believed to help greatly in the attainment of Moksha or salvation. Regular recitation of the Sunderkand is very fruitful since it takes you one step ahead towards salvation.

How to Get Maximum Benefits By Doing Sunderkand Path?

Here are some tips that will help you in making your Sunderkand Path fruitful and give you maximum benefits.

  • Devotees should recite the Sunderkand in the Brahma Muhurta I.e. early in the morning between 4 Am to 6 Am. This time is perfect if you’re reading the Sunderkand alone.
  • If the Sunderkand is recited in a group then the preferred time can be after 7 Pm in the evening to get the maximum benefits. In fact, it’s better to recite the epic in a group.
  • It is better to read the Sunderkand in front of the idol or picture of Lord Hanuman. 
  • So clean a place in one corner of the house. Install the picture or idol of Lord Hanuman. Offer flowers, Tilak and bhog to Lord Hanuman. Light a lamp, do the Aarti and then start the Sunderkand Path. 
  • Do not get up in between while reciting the Sunderkand. Never leave the Path by reciting only half of it. Always make sure that you complete reading the entire text otherwise, it may backfire.
  • You should keep your phones and other devices on silent before commencing the recitation to avoid various distractions.
  • One Should definitely take a bath and wear light colored clothes before starting the puja.

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