Capricorn Zodiac: Special Traits, Personality and Weaknesses of such people

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Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac chakra. The symbol of Capricorn is a mountain Goat,  looking towards the mountain peak. Capricorn people always want to reach the top and are very ambitious. They are dedicated towards their goal, but at the same time they are cautious too. They are known for their hardwork and loyalty. These people are very disciplined and are serious natured. They are very organized and go step by step by making plans to achieve their goals.

Capricorn is the zodiac of the Earth element

The zodiac of the earth element is Capricorn. Due to the influence of this element, Capricorn people become spiritually inclined. The Earth element inspires people of the Capricorn Zodiac to work hard. They have visible dedication towards everything they do. These people keep striving to achieve success even in the most difficult conditions.

Capricorn People Personality 

Capricorns are very hardworking. They can sacrifice anything and everything if it comes in the way of their goal. They do not compromise when it comes to work. Such people do not depend on others at all. They remain so engrossed in work that sometimes they forget to eat or drink. They are strong minded and self sufficient. These people are very ambitions. Sometimes they become over ambitious which they regret later. They have a lot of patience due which they are able to counsel or advise people around them.

Weaknesses of Capricorn people

Capricorns are afraid of failure. They want to take risks, but with utmost caution. Due to this, they loose many opportunities. They fear failing under any circumstance and this hinders their growth. They are not very self confident. These people look very quiet from outside but have many thing going on in their mind. They are not very expressive. Therefore, they’re often misunderstood since they don’t express how they feel.

The Lord of Capricorn is Saturn

Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn. Due to the influence of Saturn, Capricorn people are obstinate. They work hard but sometimes become lazy. They are brave in nature. These people are also very disciplined. 

Career of Capricorn Zodiac people

The Lord of Capricorn is Saturn. The influence of this planet makes them hardworking and disciplined. They can be good players or advocates. They can excel by working in the manufacturing industry, food business, business of coal or ice etc.

Capricorn Zodiac Compatibility

  • Friendship with – Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra
  • Enmity with – Aries, Cancer, Leo and Scorpio
  • Lucky day for Capricorn – Saturday
  • Lucky colors for Capricorn – Black, Blue, Brown
  • The Lucky Gemstone for Capricorn – Blue Sapphire

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